Humberstone Infant Academy


PSHE Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent 

At Humberstone Infant and Junior Academy, we believe that pupils need knowledge that will enable them to make informed choices about their health, wellbeing and relationships and  to build their self-efficacy to create a happy and successful adult life. PSHE is central to the positive, caring and healthy ethos at Odyssey Trust. 

Through PSHE provision we aim to: 

  • Promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, at school and in society
  • Develop pupils’ confidence and self esteem
  • Prepare pupils to be active citizens
  • Encourage pupils to have healthy lifestyles
  • Support pupils to develop good relationships
  • Create a safe, secure and  respectful learning environment for all

To mirror our School ethos and values, we have followed a question based model to teach PSHE across the school.

You can view the PHSE and RSE Curriculum Knowledge and Vocabulary Taught here:
PHSE and RSE Curriculum Knowldge and Vocabulary Taught

Below outlines the PSHE coverage for each year group.


Through Personal, Social and Emotional Development children learn self regulation, how to manage themselves and how to build relationships.
In Autumn 1, they will learn to talk about themselves and their  families and their likes and  interests. They will be taught how to discuss their feelings using appropriate vocabulary to name their emotions. There will be a focus on class rules including how to take turns. An understanding of good hygiene will be promoted through handwashing. Autumn 2 focuses on discussing the feelings of characters in stories and how to show sensitivity when other people are sad or angry.  They will talk about how to set themselves goals and what to do if it is difficult. 
Through a local walk they will demonstrate how to be a safe pedestrian and know why this is important.
During Spring 1, they will talk about what to do if they are angry or sad and how to manage their emotions. They will link this to stories read and discuss how characters overcome challenges.
In Spring 2, they will learn how to look after other people, animals and pets and discuss their needs.  They will continue to learn the rules of how to be a good listener when listening to their  teacher and other children. In Summer 1, they will identify and understand the feelings of characters and link them to their own experiences.
During  Summer 2, children will be taught the importance of healthy eating, and know which foods are healthy and which ones aren’t. They will learn why exercise makes you healthy and also understand the importance of a good sleep routine.

Year 1

In Autumn 1, the children will learn about themselves and the personal qualities that make them unique. They will also consider similarities and differences between themselves and others and be able to use the correct terms for different parts of the body including those that are private to them.  Autumn 2 focuses on relationships with family and people who are special to them and how they show they care for them/are cared for. In Spring 1, the children learn about how to keep their bodies healthy and who helps them stay healthy. Spring 2 has a focus on money and the children will gain a basic understanding of how money is obtained as well as making choices about what to do with their money (save/spend). During Summer 1, children will be taught about safety, who is there in the community to help them and what to do if they don’t feel safe. Summer 2 has a strong focus on children’s roles and responsibilities and how they can care for their community/environment.

Year 2

The Autumn term has a strong focus on relationships and the children will learn about how to build and maintain positive friendships as well as solving arguments. They will also understand that bullying is unacceptable and can hurt others feelings, as well as how to report and respond to bullying. In Spring 1, the children will build on their knowledge from the previous year and learn about how to earn money through having a job, and consider the different job roles in the community. Spring 2 focuses on keeping safe. Children will learn why there are certain rules in place to keep them safe and how to identify risky and unsafe situations as well as how to respond. In Summer 1, learning focuses on keeping their bodies healthy through physical activity, food and drink and sleep and rest. Finally in Summer 2, children will learn about different feelings and emotions and why they feel these in different situations such as loss and change. They will learn how to manage these feelings and who to turn to if they might need help.