Humberstone Infant Academy


MCT Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

At Humberstone Infant and Junior academies, Media Communication and Technology (MCT) is a core subject that threads through all areas of the curriculum. Our MCT curriculum promotes and develops key IT skills and builds children’s confidence working with varied technologies.

The curriculum has a  range of lessons such as; coding, video editing, 3D modelling, web page design, animation and photo editing. At Humberstone we understand the importance of computing in the real world and want to equip our children with the skills and knowledge to be successful and confident throughout their education and beyond.

E-safety is also taught in each year group to ensure children understand how to use technology safely and also how to protect and look after themselves online.

By the end of KS1, students will be exposed to a theoretical understanding of computing as well as a variety of creative and problem solving lessons in coding, digital photography and digital painting. By the end of KS2 pupils will have had the opportunity to explore and develop a variety of MCT skills which will enable children to be successful in higher education as well as their future careers.

The MCT curriculum provides lessons and opportunities that are easily accessed for all pupils regardless of their ability, understanding or skills level. Pupil interviews show that children are engaged and enthusiastic when it comes to using technology in lessons and enjoy the computing curriculum and the variety of new skills they learn.


Our MCT curriculum is shaped through the National Curriculum objectives and using the “Teach Computing” scheme from the National Centre For Computing Education.
The learning sequence throughout the year groups is progressively challenging for particular skills as well as providing opportunities for students to be exposed to new technological knowledge and language each year. Each year group is provided with specific skills ladders that have been created using the National Curriculum objectives which each year group can use to support their assessment. 

The subjects chosen from the scheme of work for each year group have been carefully selected to be progressively challenging throughout ks1 and ks2. For instance; pupils are introduced to coding using robots in Ks1 and then are given the opportunity to build on these skills in Ks2 where they look at algorithms and problem solving through physical and online coding. This gives pupils the opportunity to build on prior knowledge and reinforce connections within the curriculum.
The curriculum also provides and exposes students to a new computing language to support them in their learning.

As well as having a specific scheme of work for computing, MCT is used to support learning in other areas of the curriculum too. For example in Maths, MCT is used to create models and examples using ipads, as well as Beebots being used to support learning in direction and movement. In English, videos are used to support development of Oracy skills and pupils also use technology to present work or ideas in different ways through Padlet, PicCollage and Word. 

Infant MCT Curriculum Map:



Year 1

Year 2



Technology Around Us

IT Around Us 


Coding With Beebots

Digital Painting 



Exploring Ipads


Digital Photography


Alongside the MCT curriculum, we have a detailed E-safety curriculum that covers all areas of internet and computer usage.
Our E-safety curriculum is by “Project Evolve” which has been created based on research based on 330 statements on internet safety from UK councils. The subjects that are covered in each year group throughout the year are online bullying, self image and identity, online relationships, healthy, wellbeing and lifestyle, managing online information and online reputations.
This curriculum ensures that the message of online safety is taught to children in a meaningful, reflective and positive way. Children are encouraged to have honest discussions about challenging concepts while being provided with  toolkits that they can use when using technology and being online.

Infant E-Safety Curriculum Map:



Foundation – Year 2

Autumn one

Online Bullying 

Autumn two

Self Image & Identity 

Spring one 

Online Relationships

Spring two

Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle

Summer one

Privacy & security / managing online information / copyright ownership

Summer two

Online reputation


The MCT curriculum consistently reflects the wider school ethos of teaching and learning of our two schools.
The vision of MCT at Humberstone is achieved through well taught computing lessons throughout the two schools and technology being skillfully embedded into the wider the curriculum.

Monitoring of the specific year group skills ladders shows that all year groups provide a broad and balanced MCT curriculum from E-safety to specific computing skills. The skills ladders show how MCT is being threaded throughout the school’s curriculum as well as in the computing curriculum itself.
The online portfolios for each year group show a plethora of work throughout the year. These folders hold examples of excellent work from pupils for each computing subject as well as demonstrating how MCT is being used throughout both school’s wider curriculum. 

Monitoring through lesson observations for the computing curriculum and how MCT is embedded throughout the wider curriculum shows that teachers are working hard to have MCT at the forefront of learning at Humberstone.
The variety of opportunities provided by the two schools show how rich, broad and diverse the MCT curriculum is at Humberstone Infant and Juniors which in turn provides students with the stepping stones for higher education and beyond.