Humberstone Infant Academy



Natasha Kittridge - Teacher

Natasha Kittridge


Rabbiah Shabir - Teacher

Rabbiah Shabir


Alice Breed - Teacher

Alice Breed



Welcome to Foundation Stage 2!

Your teaching staff this year are Mrs Kittridge, Miss Breed, and Mrs Shabir.
The teaching assistants helping us with our learning this year will be Mrs. Woods, Mrs Lad, Mrs Khunti, Mrs Felstead and Mrs Patel.

We are looking forward to an exciting term with some wonderful novel studies and projects ahead!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

During the Summer term we will be looking at the importance of healthy eating as we explore a range of different fruits and vegetables as well as the importance of excercise. We will also be further developing our abilities to work collaborativey as a team as we explore roles and specific jobs within tasks. 


In our English learning this term, we will be starting off by looking at a selection of texts from the ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ collection. Whilst learning about these texts we will explore the lives of Amelia Earhart and Ernest Shakleton and understand why they are famous and inspirational people from the past. We will further develop our independent writing skills as we record the information we have learnt about these famous people, as well as sequencing the events of their journeys. We will be thinking carefully about the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in the appropriate places and making sure that all of our letters are formed correctly.


During the Summer term we will be learning how to verbally count with numbers beyond 20 and be able to say which number comes before or after a given number. We will also develop a deeper understanding of numbers beyond 10 as we recognise that the numbers 1-9 repeat after every full ten. We will also be revisiting our knowledge around 2D shapes and be exploring how they can be used to create shape arrangements and be rotated to fill a given space.


This term the children will be learning about manipulation and coordination. Within this unit we will learn to understand that we need to position our body in the direction that we are wanting to send our ball and learn how to send the ball using two hands or feet. We will learn to understand that we need to be close to our partners and use our body to show that we are ready to recieve a ball from a partner during a game. 


As we are into our final term in Reception, children are now reading independently in line with their phonics knowledge and are taking reading books home to read to adults. We will continue to enjoy our weekly library visits to support our love of reading. The children will choose a new text each week to bring home and enjoy with an adult. We always enjoy your book recommendations from home too, so please bring any book into school to share with us! Throughout the Summer term we will  also be recalling facts that we have learnt from the non-fiction texts that we have read as well as making predictions about what will happen next in a range of texts.