Humberstone Infant Academy




Jack Smith



Mariam Sylla


Nivruti Patel - Teacher

Nivruti Patel




Welcome to Foundation Stage 2! Your teaching staff this year are Miss Sylla (F2MS), Miss Patel (F2NP) and Mr Smith (F2JS).
The teaching assistants helping us with our learning this year will be Mrs. Woods, Mrs Khunti and Mrs Sykes. We are looking forward to an exciting term with some wonderful novel studies and projects ahead!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be learning the classroom rules and routines and understanding why they are important. During classroom learning, we will be encouraging children to share and take turns. Children will be given opportunities to talk about their interests and how they are feeling using words such as happy, sad, angry and worried.  



In our English learning this term, we will be starting off by reading Anna Hibiscus’ Song. Whilst learning about this text, we will be thinking carefully about how songs are made up of different words, and how we can use words to create our own songs. We will also be learning about our own favourite songs from home and school, as well as songs from different cultures around the world. 



In maths we will be starting the year working on counting to 5 and recognising numbers to 5.  We will be focussing on counting a small set of objects and linking objects to the numerals. We will be learning number songs to help us to count to 5 in order. The children will be able to show their understanding of numbers by using their ‘finger numbers’.  The early focus on number will help children with the foundations of maths to support them throughout the year. 



This term the children will be learning gymnastics with their class teachers. Please ensure their PE kit is in school all week for this (no logos please) as timetables may change every now and then due to weather etc. Children should have indoor and outdoor PE kits available as if weather permits we will go outside.


In reading the children will be learning the names of different parts of a book, such as; the title, front cover, back cover and author. They will also be learning how to hold a book correctly and how text conveys from left to right. Children will have opportunities to answer questions about a range of books that have been read to them and say what happens next.