Humberstone Infant Academy


PE Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

At Humberstone Infant and Junior Academies, physical education, activity and competitive sport play a key role in the education and development of our children. We strive to provide all pupils with a variety of opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence throughout our all-inclusive curriculum and extensive list of extracurricular activities. As a school, we teach a variety of high quality traditional and less traditional sports. We also pride ourselves in providing the tools to enable children to develop competitive skills through a wide range of activities and competitions including basketball, netball, football, cross country, athletics, boccia, new age kurling, dance or gymnastics. We understand that for children to be well-rounded, confident and successful individuals, they should be given the opportunity to consistently reach their full potential; this includes teaching pupils purposeful PE lessons which allow them to develop a range of problem solving and team skills, an array of after-school activities led by different PE and Sports Specialists and embedding physical activity into the school curriculum. Our vision is for all pupils to be active as much as possible throughout the school day, reaching the Chief Medical Officer’s target of children and young people engaging in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity for an average of at least 60 minutes per day across the week. We want to provide this through all forms of activity such as physical education, active travel, after-school activities, active play and sports.


Throughout their time in EYFS and KS1, we teach the key fundamental skills to being a confident and skillful learner in PE lessons. We aim to develop these skills during their time at school; these include developing children’s agility, balance and coordination, running, jumping and throwing and catching. Once pupils have practised these skills, they are taught to apply them in a range of activities, including team games related to attacking and defending. This is then followed up and built on throughout their time in KS2. In KS2, children continue to develop their fundamental skills by participating in a range of different sports such as basketball, dodgeball, football, hockey, netball, rounders, cricket and orienteering. They start to understand ways to improve and develop by competing against others in team games and challenging themselves to achieve their personal best scores. This helps pupils become reflective learners and allows them to track personal improvements. The 21st century skills require pupils to be critical, creative, communicative and collaborative thinkers. At Humberstone, we encourage all pupils to be good athletes and demonstrate as many key attributes as possible, such as honesty, being a good team player, resilience, communication, positivity, sportsmanship and respect. We know that all pupils start at different stages, but we try to ensure they have fair opportunities to reach similar ending points when they move on to their further education in secondary school. 

We have a culture of PE and activity by providing active blasts, active break and lunchtimes, purposeful after school clubs, targeted sessions and a rich and varied PE curriculum. We teach traditional and less traditional sports e.g. boccia and new age kurling to allow the pupils to participate in a wide range of sports and games.  KS2 leadership training has allowed pupils to be confident in delivering games and activities on the KS1 playground and provides them with a sense of responsibility and ownership; something we are very proud of and hope they take with them in their further education and beyond. Our lessons have cross-curricular links, allowing pupils the opportunity to express themselves and continue to be active throughout the day. Certain year groups partake in Numeracy and PE lessons which develop children into well-rounded individuals. Throughout our PBL and Enrichment curriculum, physical activity has been a focus in certain projects and children have achieved high standards of outcomes. They have been provided with the tools to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of how to be fitter, stronger and healthier individuals. Our PSHE curriculum allows pupils to understand the importance of being physically healthy and active through engaging lessons and child-led learning with particular focus on healthier lunches and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Monitoring across the schools shows that pupils are being taught a wide range of skills throughout their PE lessons and are offered places on after-school clubs and during breakfast club. Pupils show a love of learning in PE lessons and demonstrate they are engaged and confident in trying new things and succeeding. 

Our broad range of topics taught during PE lessons allows pupils to take part in sports they haven’t participated in before, providing them with the tools to try new things head on and not shy away from challenges. Our orienteering block of work has been hugely successful and pupils have shown that they thoroughly enjoy the problem solving activities whilst learning key map and investigative skills. Additionally, our block of work based on New Age Kurling and Boccia has given children the chance to try new activities whilst learning and further enhancing their throwing, catching, aiming and target throwing skills. These lessons have helped pupils to take part in the competitions and festivals on offer and as a result, they have been very successful in achieving awards, medals or certificates. 

Staff have shadowed professionals and are able to teach the new skills needed for these sports. Questionnaires and observations help identify where staff need more support with PE and this is ongoing throughout the year. We have many professionals and external agencies to help with delivering high quality PE lessons.

Over the years, the number of pupils participating in festivals and competitions has increased which has had a huge benefit on pupil’s confidence and skills. In relation to competitions, our pupils have been very successful and have shown and demonstrated our school values; creativity, resilience, positivity, respect and perseverance. The pupils enjoy representing the school at competitions and it gives them a sense of achievement. We are extremely proud of their achievements to date, including but not limited to: Playing football at the King Power Stadium on numerous occasions after reaching the football finals (girls football league came 2nd and boys football league came 1st), winning the Leicester City Schools Boccia Competition, achieving second place in the Leicester City Schools Dodgeball Competition, achieving third place in the Sportshall Athletics Competition, achieving high scores and finishing in top places in the Cross Country Competition, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on various occasion as well as coming fifth during the New Age Kurling Competition. 

Across the school, pupils are more active, particularly during break and lunchtimes and the impact of KS2 playground leaders providing KS1 pupils with new games and activities has contributed to this. KS2 pupils have enjoyed the responsibility of leading activities on the KS1 playground whilst conversations and pupil questionnaires demonstrate that pupils enjoy PE and foster a love of learning towards the subject. PE lessons are exciting, engaging and purposeful. Our achievement of being rewarded with Gold Sports Mark proves our commitment and passion of providing pupils with a rich and varied curriculum of PE, activity and sport. 

Furthermore, we recognise that whilst children make good progress during PE lessons and are constantly building on prior knowledge, there are pupils that find it harder to do so. Because of this, we have implemented many different targeted activities designed to encourage these pupils to develop, improve and succeed in their learning. The impact of these activities has shown that, often, girls are more inclined to participate in activities and sports such as ‘Dodgeball, Archery, or Tri-Golf’ due to partaking in a WISPA group. Girls are more confident in their ability and we have noticed an increase in how they participate in PE lessons. Similarly, providing fantastic opportunities and engaging stimuli through Dance lessons has seen an increase in the boys participating effectively and confidently in Dance lessons. In KS1, the ‘Sparks’ group activities helped pupils to stay on task for longer during lessons whilst also providing targeted children with opportunities to help them focus on fundamental skills and movements. Balance bikes have helped pupils improve their core skills whilst also improving their balance, confidence and above all, their awareness of using bikes. Riding a bike is built upon in KS2, when Year 5 pupils have demonstrated their ability to ride a bike safely whilst riding on the road. The bikeability course increased the amount of pupils riding to school and this is something we are continuing to encourage. Whilst providing activities and clubs to targeted or least active pupils, we are aware that there are many pupils that show they are gifted or talented in certain areas of PE. Due to this, we aim to make sure these pupils attend appropriate competitions and in recent years, this has also seen an increase in numbers of pupils partaking in such activities. At Humberstone, we feel as though our inclusive range of PE and Sports on offer is constantly improving and we are proud of the education and sports we deliver at Humbersone.