Humberstone Infant Academy

Year 2



Krishna Jethva

Team Leader

Kelsey Simon - Teacher

Kelsey Simon



Ashmita Patel



Welcome to year 2!

This year your teachers will be, Miss Jethva, Mrs Issa and Miss Patel.
The teaching assistants that are working with year 2 this year are Mrs Dave, Miss Creasey and Mrs Harrison. We are really looking forward to having a great year together and we’ve planned lots of exciting things.

In maths we are following White Rose and will be starting the year working on place value, number and will then move onto the four operations. We will recap previous learning and progress to apply the children’s knowledge of two digit numbers.. The early focus on number and place value will help children with the foundations of maths to support them throughout the year. One of the main focuses this year will be to embed the 2, 10 and 5 times tables – so practice, practice, practice!

In English we will be reading a range of picture books. Over the year, we will explore the illustrations, text to understand plot, setting and character. Children will have the opportunity to develop their phonics skills as well as building on the year two grammar expectations. Our very first book will be “Tin Forest”by Helen Ward. The story begins in a dark and forgotten junkyard, where an old man lives. He dreams of building his own beautiful forest but has to become creative and use his imagination to use rubbish to make his dreams come true. Soon, others want to live in the forest and the once lonely old man isn’t so lonely anymore.

In project based learning this half term, our project is around science. The driving question for the project is “Why is it important to keep healthy?”. We will be exploring the different types of animals and why mammals are classed as humans. Further in the project we will begin to explore the human body in more detail including the main body parts and functions of some of the main organs. This will move into carrying out some observations and conducting our own scientific investigation. Before getting to the final outcome, children will explore different ways to keep the human body healthy and the impact of this. The final outcome of the project will be for the children to produce their own workout video, highlighting the importance of keeping healthy.

This term, the children will have PE on a Thursday morning with Mr Duffy and will be doing gymnastics on a Friday with their class teacher. Please ensure their PE kit is in school all week for this (no logos please) as timetables may change every now and then due to weather etc. Children should have indoor and outdoor PE kits available as if weather permits we will go outside.

Reading is a high priority for the school and to ensure that the children have the best chances at success it is important that they read every night for 10minutes. Children all have a school reading book and reading record where you can record this. The more practice the children have at reading out loud the better! Please make sure the children come to school prepared, with their reading record completed each day.

We are looking forward to a positive year with year 2!