Humberstone Infant Academy

After School Clubs

We have a wide range of clubs on offer, including a sport or activity club on offer every night of the week this term and we hope that this encourages as many children as possible to take part in regular exercise that is fun, teaches them new skills and encourages team work.

Specialist coaches are employed to provide the expertise for some of our clubs so that children have the best possible training and coaching. A member of staff will always be in attendance to support the coach and help with the smooth running of the clubs.

Attending an after school club should be regarded as a privilege and children who are allocated places will be expected to behave to a high standard and follow instructions given by all adults. If children miss 2 weeks from a club, their place may be allocated to another child on the waiting list, unless there are special circumstances.

If your child wishes to attend an after school or lunchtime club please complete the reply slip at the bottom of the clubs letter indicating which their first and second choice is. Whilst we try hard to make sure that all children who want to attend a club have the chance, this is not always possible as we have limits on the number of children we can safely work with and the staff who are available.

Whilst writing, Humberstone Infant Academy actively encourages parents and carers to apply for Free School Meals. By being in receipt of FSM you will qualify for many free events and/or additional financial help for various other school activities i.e. After School Clubs, Residentials, Breakfast Club, School Uniform and many more. We are happy to help you where we can and will support you where possible. Please see the school office staff for more details.