Humberstone Infant Academy



Collecting food for Open Hands Charity

Today we had our Harvest Assembly, led by Viv from Humberstone Church. The children learned all about Harvest and the good things that can be done to help those in need.
The whole school came together and as you can see in the photos below, there was a lot to collect.

All of these items have been donated to the Leicester based Charity Open Hands, helping local people.

Harvest Festival Assembly 28th September 2023

We will be holding our annual Harvest Festival assembly on Thursday 28th September 2023.

Please donate items from the list to this very worthy cause.


Walking to School

We estimated 9 cars, 30 children/20 families including some who had time to say ‘Hi’ whilst already walking to school, stopped to say ‘Hello’ to Strider this morning.

Strider was really happy to see so many children walking to school and using the Park & Stride facility at Monks Rest, even in the rain!