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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Miss Jethva, Mr Hughes and Miss Ghag are the class teachers in Year 2 and are supported by Mrs Dave, Mrs Woods and Mrs Sullivan. 

This Year group page will be updated with: photos, children's work and what we are learning about each term so please keep checking in to keep up to date with the exciting things that are happening in Year 2. 


You can also follow us on our class twitter pages:

@HIAMrHughes for 2DH

@HIAMissJethva for 2KJ

@HIAMissGhag for 2HG 




Novel Study


In year 2 we read lots of exciting novels to excite and inspire the children about reading and stories. The year 2 pupils will read The Tin Forest, Gorilla, The Lost Happy Endings and Esio Trot throughout the year in English. The Year 2 children are working hard on sentence structure, spelling using their phonics and using exciting language in their writing. 










Throughout the year, we will be working hard in understanding many different areas in Maths, such as; number, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, statistics, geometry, measurement and fractions. 

In Year 2, we focus on using practical equipment to help children understand new and more conceptual concepts and then use written methods when they are secure in their understanding. 



Children need to know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables in Year 2. Please support this at home by practising as much as possible. 

Project Based Learning


In PBL this term the Year 2's project is trying to answer the question: "Why are butterflies important to us?"

In this project children we have looked at the anatomy of butterflies, their habitats, pollination, food chains and their life cycle. 

Year 2 also went on an exciting trip to Stratford butterfly farm and learnt about tropical butterflies and had the chance to talk to experts. 

For their final outcome, year 2 children will be creating stop motion movies about the importance of butterflies to us and the environment.