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Information for New Starters September 2020 

Welcome to Nursery

Our Nursery teaching team for the academic year 2020-21 is Miss Illidge (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Lynch (Wednesday - Friday)

Our support team are Mrs Radwan and Miss Harris


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We are all looking forward to welcoming you and starting your child's journey with us here at Humberstone Infant Academy in September 2020!

Meet The Team

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Home Learning Spring and Summer 2020

Week Commencing 29/06/20


Hello everyone, hope you had a lovely week enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of learning at home. 

This week we are starting a new story Hansel and Gretal. 

Week Commencing 22/06/20


Hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed the Home learning. Pleas remember to tweet Mrs Summers your home learning activities - we love seeing your leaning. 

Week Commencing 15/06/20


Hello everybody, we hope you are well and  enjoying your home learning. Remember to tweet your work to Mrs Summers we love seeing it. 

Below you will find Home Learning activities fro this week, you will also find some pictures to help with the sounds we are learning this week. 

Week Commencing 08/06/20


Hope you are all well and staying safe.

Below are this weeks activities - please don't forget to tweet Mrs Summers while completing your home learning. 


You can also enjoy a story from Miss Henson follow the link:

Week commencing: 01/06/20


Hello everyone! Hope you have had a nice break and ready to get back to your home learning. This week we are learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Don't forget to tweet all of your fantastic work to Mrs Summer, we love seeing it! 

Week Commencing: 18/5/20


Hello everyone hope you are all well.

We hope you have been enjoying the stories shared by your teachers.


We have made a few changes to our home learning – we now have activity sheets for, English, Maths, Phonics and Investigation.  Each of these areas have days of the week on them, so it is easier and simpler to follow the activities, just do the activities for the day.


We really hope you have been enjoying your home learning, we love seeing  your work on twitter.


Please do not forget to tweet your work to Mrs Summers.


Happy learning!


You can also enjoy Little Red Riding Hood shared by Mrs Summers

Thursday 14th May 


Hope you're all well and enjoying your home learning. 

We have two very exciting stories for you, one from Miss Ashraf and one from  Miss Harris. We hope you enjoy them! smiley


Please follow the links below to watch the stories being shared.

Week Commencing:11/5/20



Hi everyone! 

 Below are this weeks activities. Please remember to share your work with Mrs Summers on twitter we love seeing what you have been doing at home. 


The staff from Nursery will also be sharing stories for the children to enjoy - please check back regularly to see the latest story just follow  the link to view the story.


We hope you are all well and keeping safe. 

Meet the Team

Welcome to the Nursery page.

We hope you enjoy looking at the fun we have with our learning.


                                 Miss Ashraf                                 Mrs Summers                     Miss Henson                        Mrs Dam

                                    Teacher                                             HLTA                       Teaching Assistant                1-1 Support



Follow us on Twitter:    @HIAMrsSummers




Hi everyone smiley

Mrs Summers has read a story for you all - really hope you enjoy it! 

Please click on the link below to view the story.

Week commencing 4/5/20


Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of fun activities

for you to try at home with your families. 

We love seeing your work so please remember to share it with

Mrs Summers on Twitter.

Have fun! 

Week Commencing 27/4/20


Hello, hope you have all had a fantastic week, enjoying the sunshine! Lots of you have been busy with our fun activities. Don't forget to share on twitter so we can see all the learning you have been doing.


Monday 20th April 


Hello everyone, hope you have all had a nice holiday and ready to get back to your learning.  smiley


We will be putting on activities for the whole week rather than daily. Please do check back regularly for additional resources and updates.



Hello Everyone, Hope you are all well.

Your teacher are missing you loads and have a special message for you.



Friday 3rd April 


Happy Friday everyone.

Here are your activities for you to share with your family today.


1. Can you go on a sound hunt around your home and garden to find objects or pictures that start with the 's' sound, 

for example, sock, sink, stairs.

Have a go at writing the 's' sound.

Use your finger to write it in the air, on the floor and on your grown ups back.

Remember to say it as you write it.

Start at the top, go round, down and back round.


2. Can you ask your grown up to boil an egg.

Let it boil for around ten minutes then leave it to cool.

When it's cold you can decorate it using anything you have at home.

You can use felt pens, crayons, paints or anything you want to decorate your egg.


Remember to take photos and share your decorated eggs with Mrs Summers, we're very eggcited to see them.laugh


We hope you have enjoyed joining in with all our activities over the past two weeks and we will

continue to add more fun activities after the Easter holidays.

Happy Easter to you all.smiley


Thursday 2nd April


Good Morning! We loved seeing your sizing of toys from biggest to smallest yesterday, so pleased that you're sharing pictures with Mrs Summers on Twitter.


Today's exciting activities are

1. Can you help your grown up  make some playdough? A recipe for the playdough is linked below.


Don't forget you can use flour and water to make a malleable dough too. 

What can you do with your playdough? Roll it, squash it, chop it, pinch it... 

 Maybe you can make some cupcakes and count how many you have? 

You can make a character from the Gruffalo story?

Don't forget to tweet Mrs Summers pictures of all the exciting things you can make.


2. Can you share a story and talk about the main characters and settings in the story. Before reading the story have a look at the front cover and guess what you think might happen in the story. Happy Reading!


Since you enjoyed the animation of The Gruffalo, we thought you might enjoy watching The Gruffalos Child too.


Wednesday 1st April 


Good morning everyone and thank you so much for all the fantastic pictures and photos you have shared

with Mrs Summers, it makes us so happy to see you with your hard work.


Here are some activities for you to try today.


1. Have a look around your home and collect some of your toys together.

Can you put them in order of size from the biggest to the smallest.


2. We have enjoyed learning about the Gruffalo this term.

Can you draw a picture of the Gruffalo and label the different parts of his body.

Don't forget his purple prickles all over his back, his turned out toes, his knobbly knees,

his orange eyes and his black tongue.



The children have really enjoyed this story, there is an animated version available on BBCiPlayer click the link below to view.


You can also listen to the story on YouTube:

Enjoy the story in its many forms! smiley

Tuesday 31st March 


Good Morning! Hope you are excited for today's activities smiley


1. Can you go on a shape hunt and find all the different shapes you have at home?

What can you find that is a rectangle?

What can you find that is a circle?

What can you find that is a square?

What can you find that is a triangle?

Once you have found your shapes, can you draw them? Don't forget to count the sides and corners. 





2. Can you share a story with a grown up and talk about your favourite part of the story.


The children have enjoyed doing Cosmic Yoga at school and we thought they would enjoy it at home too. Please click the link below or search Cosmic Yoga on YouTube



Monday 30th March


Good morning everyone and welcome to another week of exciting activities to share with your family.


1. Can you draw a picture of your family.

You can use anything to draw your picture with, such as pencils, felt pens or chalks. 

Remember to include any pets as well.


2. Can you count how many members there are in your family and write that number on your picture.

Remember to count carefully and touch each one as you count it.


We're looking forward to seeing your pictures so don't forget to share them with Mrs Summers



Friday 27th March 


Good Morning! Hope you are all keeping busy at home. 


Today's exciting activities are

1. Can you go on a Number Hunt and see what numbers you can find around the house and garden. Practise writing these numbers too. 


2. Can you practise writing your name. Grown ups remember to model first then encourage independent mark making. 


Don't forget to take pictures and tweet Mrs Summers of your name writing and all the numbers you find.

Happy Hunting! 



Thursday 26th March


Good morning everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the lovely spring sunshine.

Here are some activities for you to try at home today.


1. Can you share one of your story books with your family.

What is your favourite part of the story?

Who is your favourite character in the story?


2. Can you draw a picture of your favourite part of the story.


Remember to share your pictures with Mrs Summers, we can't wait to see them.

Wednesday 25th March 


Good morning, hope your're enjoying your time at home! Why not keep active and join in with "P.E with Joe" at 9am to get you ready for the day. All you have to do is search his page on youtube, or follow the link


Junk Modelling


Today's exciting activity is to find some junk around the house and make a model. This can include old  cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes, kitchen roll tubes etc. Once you have completed your model can you name it and draw a picture. Don't forget grown ups to take a picture for their Learning Journeys and tweet a picture to Mrs Summers. 

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning children.

Here are some activities for you to try at home today with your grown ups.


1. Can you find 6 objects around your home, for example 6 socks, 6 oranges or 6 stones.

Count your objects again to check you have 6, remember to touch each one as you count it.


Now can you have a go at writing the number 6.

Remember to start at the top right. Curve down, up, and in till you touch.


2. Can you go on a hunt around your home and garden to find some objects or pictures that begin with the 'a' sound,

such as apple, ant, arm.






Monday 23rd March


Can you practice writing your name. 


Show the children their name, ask them to copy write their name carefully looking at all he letters. If you feel a specific letter needs practice it is ok to practice that letter. Some children are still in the mark making stage of writing, they will create marks and say its their name. 


Can you count the actions. 


Adult to give instructions, children copy the action and count how many times. 



Message to Parents 



Dear Parents, 


On our Nursery page you will find new activities each day to support children’s learning. Once you have completed the activities with your child please take a picture as a record and we will hopefully put the pictures in their learning journeys when we return to school. You can also tweet Mrs Summers on @HIAMrsSummers. 


While at home please encourage your child to read a book and talk about the book, their favourite characters, favourite part, talk about the pictures and ask the children to predict what they think will happen. 


Please also encourage counting- this can be done with anything and anywhere. 


You can also practice name writing and number formation. 


 Thank you for your support.


Nursery Team 

World Book Day


We had lots of Fun on this day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from our favourite books. We had lots of fun activities, we made book marks, drew a picture about our favourite book the teachers shared lots of stories with us and then our grown ups came to share and listen to stories with us.










Maths Spring 2 


This half term we are still learning about different numbers and how to count and write specific numbers. we have also been learning about shapes and looking to see what shapes we can find in our classroom and outside.

Spring 2


This half term we have been reading The Gruffalo. We have painted some beautiful pictures of the different characters from the story. We have been looking at the descriptions about the Gruffalo and had a try at writing them. We even watched The Gruffalo on the big screen. 






Spring Term



This term we will enjoy reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We will be joining in with the story and thinking about the main characters and settings. We will even try and retell the story on our own. 




We have been learning our numbers and having a go at writing numbers. We enjoy counting and sorting, we can count from a group and sometimes match the right amount to the right number. 






We love going out to play, we go outside everyday. We have lots of fun things to do outside, just like inside. Outside we enjoy building, riding bikes, mark making, playing with instruments, looking at books and our pretend kitchen. Outside we enjoy the slide most of all!