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Good Ofsted Report

Humberstone Infant Academy was inspected by Ofsted inspectors last week and has received a "Good" school rating.


It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you the outcome of the recent Ofsted inspection at Humberstone Infant Academy.

After a full two day inspection the academy has been judged to be Good in all areas and Good overall.

This is an excellent result for the children, staff and the whole community and is particularly important as it is the first time the school has been judged to be “Good” in 10 years.


The full report can be read by clicking HERE


There are many areas of the school that have been listed as strengths including leadership, support for disadvantaged pupils and SEN pupils, the rich and meaningful curriculum, teachers relationships with pupils and the outcomes that are now achieved in terms of pupils learning.


The inspection team spent a long time speaking to children about the school and their learning and have commented positively on how much children enjoy coming to school, how proud they are to be part of the school community and on their positive attitudes to learning.


The result is the culmination of three years of hard work from all members of the school community since the school became a sponsored academy in 2016 and I am incredibly proud of the culture of teamwork that is evident in all areas of the school. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Junior Academy team who have provided unwavering and highly effective support throughout.


Undoubtedly , it is the staff who continue to make the difference to the standards in the school. Their hard work, commitment to the pupils and willingness to go above and beyond is really at the heart of this transformation. This extends to all members of the staff team including the teachers, classroom support and office staff. Please do take the time to thank the adults who work tirelessly to support your child.


I would also like to thank the parents who have continued to play a supportive role in their child's education and are active members if the school community. We really do value and appreciate your support.


If there are any areas of this report that you would wish to discuss further, please do contact myself or Mrs Borthwick through the Infant School Office.


Yours Sincerely,


Annemarie Williams



The full report can be read by clicking HERE