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Google Classroom


Google Classroom is an online learning platform where children can access and complete school work online.
Teachers will set work in Google Classroom and children can then login and complete the work.


What do I need to connect to Google Classroom?


You will need a device that connects to the Internet with a web browser such as Google Chrome.
We recommend using a device with a keyboard such as a laptop to make it easier to type, although tablets and other devices can also be used.

You can login to Google Classroom by clicking here:


The file below explains how to login to Google Classroom.


There is also a Google Classroom app available on the app store or play store. This is not necessary but can make using Google Classroom easier to use.
See here:

Google Classroom - Help!


We have noticed that if you have your own Gmail or Google account saved on your device then it can cause issues with Google Classroom. You may find that when you login with your child's login details that it reverts back to your own account or that it won't allow you to sign in.

Please try logging out of your own account and then logging in with your child's account.
Make sure that you are logged in using your child's account otherwise you will not have access to Google Classroom.


How to login to Google Classroom

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